Judge of the Balance


Judgment is one of the women referred to as The Three Fates. It is said that she can see into a person’s soul and determine their effect on the Cosmos. To her, there is no good or evil, there is only balance and unbalance. Beings that are not balanced are then judged to be detrimental to the Cosmos and marked for death. In the end, this does seem to be more toward destroying evil rather than good. However, she insists that balance has nothing to do with either side and evil creatures tend to create unbalance rather than good ones.

Judgment is a human woman that is about 6 ft. tall with olive skin, long black hair, and blue eyes. She keeps her hair in a braid and wears a strange set of full plate armor. The armor has no gauntlets, gleams unlike any known metal, it is almost fluid in its seamless nature, and it makes no noise whatsoever. Her tabard is described differently in many texts and the only prevailing theme is that it is a mixture of ancient heraldry and religious symbols. She also carries a rune engraved broadsword and a small book considered to be some type of holy symbol. She radiates a strong aura of divinity and law and it is said that many chaotic beings cannot even be in her presence without pain. Like the other Fates, accounts make her at least 500 years old and still looks 25.

Judgment is obviously a priest of Law but does not seem to worship a specific deity. Since that is impossible, it is believed she worships one so old that it has been lost in time. Her martial abilities would make it more logical to assume she is a Paladin of Law, but her magical ability exceeds that of any Paladin. Therefore, she is considered to be a hybrid of the two allowing her greater divine magic.


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