The Cosmos's Executioner


One of the women called ‘The Three Fates’. Justice considers herself the Cosmos’s Executioner since she deals out Justice but does not decide the just action. The Cosmos shows her the just action and she delivers it.

Justice is a human woman that is approximately 6 ft. tall with short, bobbed, bright red hair and light green eyes. She has pale skin, a thin frame, and is always described as wearing a black, stylized pirate outfit; down to the somewhat too large leather boots and dual rapiers. Out of the three, Justice tends to be the most blunt and honest. She also seems to be the most ‘human’ of the three; she smokes a pipe and is the only one that can be found in a tavern. She is at least 500 years old based on the earliest accounts of the Fates but looks to be about 25. Like the other three, she has always been considered a myth and any ‘sightings’ are attributed to impersonators.

Based on the legends, her swordplay has no equal. She is said to have the strength of a Giant and yet she moves so quickly that she has no need for armor; every hit from her is either a killing blow or an incapacitating one. She has no magical talent or aura but her physical ability is certainly supernatural.


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