Domains and Gods

Domain Listings for Pathfinder

Bahamut – LG – Air, Fire, Nobility, Sun, Law, Good
Yondalla – LG - Charm, Community, Healing, Protection, Law, Good
Moradin – LG - Artifice, Earth, Protection, Law, Good, Nobility
Heironeous – LG - Glory, Liberation, Nobility, War, Law, Good
Garl Glittergold – NG - Charm, Artifice, Knowledge, Rune, Good, Community
Pelor – NG - Glory, Healing, Community, Sun, Good, Protection
Ehlonna – CG - Animal, Liberation, Plant, Sun, Chaos, Good
Corellion Larethian – CG -Charm, Magic, Nobility, Luck, Chaos, Good
Kord – CG - Strength, War, Travel, Liberation, Chaos, Good

St. Cuthbert – LN -Liberation, Strength, Glory, Nobility, Law, Protection
Wee Jas – LN - Magic, Knowledge, Repose, Law, Water, Fire
Boccob – NN - Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Earth, Air
Fharlanghn – NN -Luck, Protection, Travel, Weather, Knowledge, Healing
Obad-Hai – NN - Animal, Earth, Plant, Water, Air, Weather
Olidammara – CN -Charm, Luck, Trickery, Travel, Chaos, Weather

Hextor – LE - Nobility, Strength, War, Artifice, Law, Evil
Tiamat – LE - Air, Fire, Trickery, Darkness, Law, Evil
Kurtulmak – LE -Strength, Travel, War, Trickery, Law, Evil
Nerull – NE - Death, Trickery, Water, Darkness, Madness, Evil
Vecna – NE - Death, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Evil, Artifice
Grummsh – CE - Animal, Destruction, Strength, War, Chaos, Evil
Erythnl – CE - Destruction, Madness, Fire, Chaos, Evil, War
Lolth – CE - Charm, Darkness, Trickery, Chaos, Evil, Magic

Domains and Gods

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